Motley is a community development and creative placemaking firm based in Greensboro, North Carolina. We exist to assist communities all over the U.S. in creating places where people desire to be. We seek to magnify the unique spaces and assets in your community in order to tell a better story while strengthening economic and community activity. Small towns are finding it difficult to recruit industry. Motley partners with communities to recruit businesses, implement branding and facilitate public art to turn downtowns into places people want to live and work. 

Motley works with small businesses, incubator think tanks, communities, towns, districts, cities and tourism associations to make your place the best it can be. Our work includes business consulting, design work, placemaking initiatives and development projects to elevate your community.



These are the things that make us tick. These are the things that drive our every business move and community initiatives.


Communities are made up of humans, and those humans are invaluable to us. We care about people from all walks of life. Motley works for just and equitable community building and development, taking into consideration those who are being oppressed by present systems. We think that life is best lived together. Our goal is to assist in creating a thriving economy with new businesses that will employ and serve all members of the community.


We believe that place is more than an empty plot of land or a vacant building. We admire the history of a place and see the potential to adding voice to what could be. Motley strives to have environmentally sustainable practices in our personal lives, business practices, feasibility plans and recommendations. We love to find ways to repurpose and amplify current assets to enhance beauty and functionality. Cultural arts and creativity are seen most right before community revitalization takes place and we think that’s pretty cool.


Motley uses a targeted approach to achieve real results in collaboration with communities. History, community input, narrative and economic status are all taken into consideration when we curate services for your community. Motley assists in promoting current growth, elevating creative voices and introducing economic advance in communities.


We understand that the steps taken to achieve anything directly affect the end result. Our team takes pride in integrating community input, strategic research and creativity into every step of our process. We strive for measured results, visible impact and vibrant communities. These things don’t happen with a copy and paste approach. We value your community's potential and prioritize the specific process it requires to reach your desired outcome.