Chelsea Glen Dickey,
Director of Economic Development

Chelsea has a degree in Economic Development from Eastern University in Philadelphia and has been devoted to community building and economic vibrancy for seven years. Born in raised in small town North Carolina, Chelsea finds passion and value in sustainable local economies and the people, structures and businesses that make it possible. Chelsea has experience working with communities in transition to establish a brand that represents their past, present and future.


Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison,
Community Engagement Strategist

Kholi is the Executive Director of HOLI.BRANDS, the founder of Khafra, and the creator of Hella Black Brunch + KC Cohort. She believes that every human being has the right and responsibility to confidently and creatively contribute to an equitable future for all, and she expedites these contributions by working to enhance the quality of life for historically marginalized communities. Kholi also works with creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, and community-serving brands and businesses to articulate and manifest personal and professional shifts, create brave and welcoming spaces, and strategize for long-term sustenance.


Blaine Williamson,
Director of Placemaking

Blaine has a degree in Media Analytics from Elon University. She specializes in actionable insights and powerful storytelling. Blaine has been working on community development initiatives for over four years and has a deep passion for helping communities find their voice and vision. Blaine believes in the strength of visuals and desires to make communities happier, smarter, more beautiful and more alive by helping tell better stories.