On Mile One


Hi. My name is Chelsea. I am one of the co-founders of Motley.

I was driving to a site visit last week and it hit me how incredibly honored I am to be doing this work and I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

Someone told me this week that I could build the 400th mile of a bike path in Portland, or I could build the 1st mile in a small town in North Carolina. I'm not sure what they were meaning to point out here, but to me, it is such a tangible example of how every town, city and community is different, beautiful and unique. Sometimes Motley is invited into a community to join a creative team to reimagine public art, community partnerships and large development projects. Sometimes we are given a seat at the table to join hard conversations about community bridge building and socioeconomic barriers.

This is community development to us. The public art, partnerships, bridge building, hard conversations and everything in between. Whether your town is at the 1st or 400th mile in your journey, your town has a story and value. And we see you.

I sat with the mayor of a small municipality yesterday. We talked for two hours. At the end of that conversation, I could tell you how many uncles he had, the past 30 years of town councilmen and what parts of the town had his physical fingerprints (this mayor physically built a park for his community, if that isn't a love note, I don't know what is!) The long and short is, you know your community best. You know how to tell your story in such detail that anyone can see all its flaws and all its proud moments. My favorite meetings are with people who show off both because communities are made up of humans, the real kind. The kinds that understand and embrace things they are going great and the things that they are still working on.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your community's story. We are so humbled to be doing this work.

We are Motley. A creative firm that wants to walk beside you and help you love your city and find the next best thing we can do to elevate your community.

Love your community well this week,