On Boundaries

duong-chung-765395-unsplash 2.jpg

Boundaries, whether physical or abstract, are everywhere in our day-to-day lives. We live in a world where the “American dream” includes a white picket fence -- something to keep our dogs in and our neighbors out. We put up hedges and we draw county lines.

We set boundaries between ourselves and our work. We want healthy boundaries between ourselves and the people we love. We have to create boundaries between ourselves and our fears enough to move forward on a crazy idea.

Places are good and not meant to exclude. Boundaries are good in the abstract, but physical boundaries tend to hurt communities and keep certain people out.

As Motley, we want to create spaces that know no bounds. Places that are for the visitors, the regulars, the passer-throughs and anyone who has ever felt left out of the conversation before.

This holiday season and beyond, we invite you to be a neighbor -- to open up the gate, to trim the hedges, to truly welcome the people in your life by creating spaces full of love.