On Persistence


I was in a conversation with a friend the other day. For a bit the conversation was about the relationship they were in - the connection, the frustrations, the adoration, the hope, the challenges, the annoyances.

Then, the conversation drifted to the community that they have claimed. The themes surprised me by how similar they were. The hopes, challenges, frustrations, adoration were all still there. The questions about how long the connection would last, the stories that bring the love to life.

Living in a place with a community and loving it well is often romanticized. I can tell you that loving a place will bring it to life and make it a place where you want to be, but as soon as that love fades, or the butterflies about the wonder or magic of a place leaves, it’s easy to jump ship.

It’s easy to pick a different place. A different community. A different love. It’s like a bad Hallmark movies - new trends, new commitment.

Loving a place isn’t something that’s easy. We find the deepest commitment to place, the most honorable adoration comes from when you feel the most frustration, but also enough passion to find connect and support for your place.

So, our challenge and charge to those who live in the places that you adore - be all there, share your happy moments, your frustrations, make grand gestures, but also take the time to pick a piece of trash off the sidewalk (maybe for the twelfth time).

Motley is here, to cheer you on and support you through the work that you are doing. We would love to hear your love stories, Dear John letters and pink slips written to your communities.