On Rallying

Image by @18millionrising

Image by @18millionrising

To those who marched this weekend, way to stand up and have your voice heard. We are glad to be part of communities where rallies can be a time/place for us to voice our opinions. This is a huge win for many.

This is my fear, rallies are often a privileged opportunity. And, if your voice and opinion don’t include upholding other voices, then we might actually just be repeating a cycle.

Take time to consider who your community is. What do you want it to be? Who do you want to uphold and safeguard? Who should be included in your utopia of a downtown? Who do you want to pass on the streets and wave to while checking your mail?

Communities are loved and broken and celebrated and torn apart, day in and day out.

Motley’s vision is for all communities to be valued for their inherent values and social beauty.  This means envisioning a world where the refugee caravans and the block of Rauhut Street in East Burlington are celebrated, upheld and loved. But, not only envisioning it, but working daily towards a world where this is a reality.

So, my words to you today, my challenge to you, my call to action, is to take that utopia of a community that you have envisioned and make it your reality. If that means moving to a place that embodies that more, do that. If that means changing the way you walk to work, do that. If it means changing up the place where you grab a drink on the weekends so that you can patronize a locally owned/minority owned/artist owned business, do that.

There are times where our team gets questions for visiting a place, or patronizing businesses in certain parts of town. We place ourselves there intentionally. We want stigmas to disappear. We want to be part of the change.

So, keep marching. Keep having your voice heard. But I would challenge you, as we challenge our team, to represent smaller voices as well. Let’s not keep the cycle of oppression going as we stand up for issues that matter to us. And, as you make your voice heard, work daily toward making your dream a reality.