On Benevolence

“Community development is a process where people come together to take action on what's important to them. At its heart, community development is rooted in the belief that all people should have access to health, wellbeing, wealth, justice and opportunity.”

-- Scottish Community Development Center

At Motley, we believe this to our core. It’s the whole reason we took this jump and started a business. We love being business owners and the process it takes to start something new. We love creating something unique, special, intentional and independently ours in this world.

But really, we believe that this work is important and needs champions to stand up and do the work, be it glamorous or dirty.

A mentor once told us that we will be successful in the work that we do only when we truly care. No other measurement holds as much value in this work. If I don’t care, I can try to conquer a project. If I don’t care, I can seek praise and recognition. If I don’t care, I can execute the best event and branding efforts, but the wake of the project could negatively affect the community. Without personal investment, success really has no legs.

Community development to us is about caring for people. People make up this brilliant world we live in. We do the work that we do to promote emotional, physical and financial wellbeing for our neighbors, sisters and brothers in our communities. We believe in justice and the well-keeping of humans in their natural state: cared for.

This business is a passion project, a calling, a joy and a challenge for us all in one. It challenges us every day to be better humans, for ourselves, for each other and for everyone we come into contact with along the way. It challenges us to walk in someone else’s shoes and to always look for the other perspective.

So, if you see things on this site, our Instagram or our Facebook that are a little too personal or seem more about us and less about community development in a scientific way, it's because this is more than a science to us. We love books that talk about sidewalks and ordinances, but we also love books that talk about our vulnerability and how humans feel safe and dare bigger. We want to share music that makes us feel alive. We want to promote art that allows us to experience diversity. Community development has become a lifestyle for us, something that makes us delve into our humanness, and it’s something we celebrate.