On Social Media


As you’ve probably noticed, the world we live in is social. Everyone is constantly interacting, except today interacting goes far beyond face-to-face conversation. At times, this is definitely frustrating. But, if leveraged properly, utilizing social media platforms to interact with your customer base can bring your business great success. A large part running a business relies on getting your store or product in front of people. And if you are a town or a community -- a lot of times you get additional capacity or funding from additional people or visitors. Online, your social media platforms and your website are the “doorstep” to your business or organization.

Because your social media is a lot like a first impression, it’s important that you keep it as presentable and welcoming as you would your office/store front, at all times.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you leverage your business on social media with the most impact for your time and money in mind.

  1. Save your effort for where you will have an impact. It’s better to be present and fully active on one social media, rather than trying to manage three different platforms and be inconsistent. Being all there on one social media will be much more effective than being everywhere.

  2. Focus in on posting quality content. The most popular social medias, Facebook and Instagram, are visual applications. This means that producing aesthetically pleasing content is essential if you want to catch the eyes of potential customers. So don’t settle. Hire a photographer, or utilize nearby college students for help.

  3. Use a scheduling app to plan your posts ahead of time and keep things consistent. In order for customers to develop a deep connection to your business/brand, they need to be exposed to what you’re doing as much as possible. This means that posting on social media can’t fall to a “when I get to it” task. Instead, we recommend that you use free mediums, like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your posts ahead of time, lowering your chances to forget to post and ultimately losing customer interest.

  4. Get to know your target-market like the back of your hand… or better! What is the age group that you are trying to attract? What do they like? Where do they go? Every time you use social media you should be thinking about these aspects of your target-market and address them accordingly. If your target-market is 25 year old men for example, it’s important that you engage with them in the ways that they like to interact, AKA don’t talk to them like you’re talking to your Grandma; use appropriate slang and try and connect to them based on their interests and way of doing things.

  5. User-generated content is your friend! Believe it or not, your customers are already doing a lot of the work for you when it comes to social media. People love taking pictures and posting pictures -- especially the younger generations. This means that there is a great chance that there are already quality photos on the internet from your store/business. Use these! People feel really special when businesses use their photos. This will also help you develop more personal relationships with your customers and ease some of your stress to create quality content all the time.